Digital what?

Digital Pencil is a small UK-based design and web development studio. We have been building hand-crafted, content managed websites since 2001. We bring together a background in advertising, art and creative direction, copywriting and print design with the most recent standards and methods in website development. We care about a site’s backend code as much as its frontend design.

Over the years we have worked with a number of people and organisations. We’ve designed user interfaces for online collaboration applications, developed single page websites, direct marketing websites for consumers’ associations, and complex media sharing sites.

Our clients range from private individuals and SME‘s to non-profits, policy think-tanks, luxury goods manufacturers, high-end real estate firms, big multi-nationals, media companies and book publishers.

Your business is our business

Every project needs a thorough understanding of how it fits into a client’s business model and strategy. It requires a two-way process of learning and education between us and the client. Often a client’s brief or our pre-conceptions need adjusting as we each learn about one another and what needs doing.

We’ll advise on how we can help improve a client’s sales, leads, positioning or marketing goals. If we think that a feature or request is money badly spent, we’ll say so and not take it. Our client’s business is our business and we care about building long-term relationships.

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